Community Conflict

The core aim of Change is to promote well being through enabling people to have healthy relationships in families, between individuals, and in the community.

Resolve Programme

RESOLVE is based on conflict resolution techniques and aims to tackle conflict in the neighbourhood and can be used in various different situations.

Who is it for?

Resolve is a local community based programme which aims to tackle relationship problems that are creating issues in families or between neighbours.

How will it work?

RESOLVE is a 5 session (3 hours) programme. The programme will work with clients who are identified as the predominant cause of conflict within the relationship within a group work setting. These clients will be identified through existing professionals in the local area, who are concerned about the family and wider communities well-being. For example, when housing providers identify a family who are consistently breaching tenancy requirements, due to arguments within the family, they will be referred to RESOLVE. The effect of these arguments is not only felt by the individuals themselves, but also by other family relatives and surrounding neighbours.


  • Provide skills to enable members of the community to bypass personal difference and be open to possibilities to resolve conflict.
  • Provide skills to draw people closer and encourage them to jointly search for fair solutions and balanced needs.
  • Shift relationships from adversaries to cooperative partners.

Topics covered

  • Understanding conflict
  • The win/win approach
  • Creative response and empathy
  • Appropriate assertiveness
  • Co-operative power
  • Managing emotions
  • Willingness to resolve and mapping conflict
  • Designing options
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Broadening perspectives
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