Change Plus

Perpetrator Learning and Understanding Self

Delivered in collaboration with local police forces

Change Plus is a 2 day domestic abuse awareness course. It aims to enable perpetrators of abuse to recognise their behaviour is abusive.

Long term goals of the programme include:

  • reducing the reoccurrence of domestic abuse in the future
  • reducing re-offending
  • reducing future demands on the criminal justice system and partner agencies
  • providing help and support to the victims of these offences
  • Initially a perpetrator risk assessment is completed alongside a needs assessment, which identifies what support the perpetrator needs from external agencies. Following assessment of risk and need, the perpetrator is required to attend 2 full day domestic abuse awareness sessions. Day 1 will provide information, discussion and reflection on ‘what is domestic abuse?’ and Day 2 will provide information, discussion and reflection on ‘the impact of domestic abuse’.

Session aims:
  • Increase the safety of women and children living with domestic violence and abuse
  • Divert domestic abuse offenders away from the criminal justice system by providing alternative, proportionate, effective and targeted interventions to reduce the risk of reoffending
  • Enable perpetrators to recognise they have been violent, coercive or controlling and consider changing their behaviour
  • Reduce the potential for reoffending through early identification of risk leading to a swift, proportionate and effective criminal justice response
  • Help perpetrators to identify beliefs and intents that underpin their abusive behaviour
  • Help perpetrators to acknowledge the effects of their abusive behaviour
  • Improve collaboration and decision making at the point of arrest resulting in interventions which are more targeted and proportionate
  • Identify the risks and needs of Domestic abuse perpetrators at the earliest point after arrest to inform effective decision making , reduce re-offending and provide support
  • Identify and share relevant information across the partners in particular in those cases that are assessed as high risk
  • Improve information sharing between the criminal justice and community safety partners in order to reduce re-offending
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