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Entrance behind Empire Salon.
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Opposite the Main Office (Short Stay)

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07841 999 342

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Signs of #DomesticAbuse: Are you in an abusive #relationship? Could you spot the signs?
Abuse Categories with Examples:

Put downs, eroding self confidence and self worth, inciting paranoia (Gas Lighting), humiliation.

Isolation & Jealousy:
Control and restrict activity and travel, who’s seen, what’s watched or read, limit or discourage outside communication.

Using Children:
Encourage children to take sides, stir feelings of guilt about the children, use child contact as an opportunity to harass.

Shoving, hair pulling, punching, kicking, choking, restraining, poking, slapping, burning/scalding.

Threats & Intimidation:
Threats of harm targeted at an individual, their friends or their family, punching walls or smashing objects.

Forcing sex, use of sulks or punishments if refused sex, forcing the viewing of any sexual acts.

Preventing employment, denying access to household finances, taking income/benefits, forcing begging for ‘pocket money’.

Help for Abusers:

Awareness Training for Professionals:
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Any organisations looking for training, get in touch with us for more details.
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Need #Relationship Help Now?
Can’t wait for long term #counselling?

Our Here and Now one-hour session is designed to help you manage those difficult situations and hot spots. It can help you focus on the immediate issues that are causing problems in your relationship, and gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to have longer term counselling or not.

We can usually offer you a session with a counsellor within 7 days of your request.
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Could you spot the forms of #DomesticAbuse?
Emotional, Isolation & Jealousy, Using Children, Physical, Threats & Intimidation, Sexual, Economic.

Help for Abusers:

Awareness Training for Professionals:
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4 days ago
Mayor’s record £44m commitment to make London safe for women and girls #vawg #domesticAbuse #domesticViolence
2 weeks ago
We’re looking for new Trustee #BoardMembers and a #Treasurer. 4 Board meetings per year (evenings) plus an annual away day. There are no day to day commitments. No specific area of expertise required, just a belief in our objectives. #volunteers ChangeProjectUK photo
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