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11b Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1SY
Entrance behind Empire Salon.
Please note that Sat Navs do not always pick up our postcode accurately.


Opposite the Main Office (Short Stay)

Call us on:

01245 258 680  •  0845 372 7701

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07841 999 342

1 day ago
Our #couples #counselling service offers #relationship health checks, as well as help in tackling major issues, and is available face to face, by phone, or by Skype. Whether you’re looking for counselling here and now or long term, we can help.
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2 days ago
#DomesticAbuse victims in rural areas suffer for longer, are less likely to report abuse, and struggle to get support, report says.
4 days ago
The Outreach arm of our #DomesticViolence & Abuse service is dedicated to working with other agencies and the #community to identify and engage hard to reach perpetrators. They also run workshops for agencies working with #families experiencing DVA. ChangeProjectUK photo
4 days ago
Domestic Abuser avoids jail after admitting punching and kicking his wife, hitting her head against a floor and brandishing a knife at her, and attacking his daughters when they tried to intervene. #domesticAbuse #scotland
1 week ago
#School Services: Our Child Focussed #Counselling and Play #Therapy supports #children who are distressed and struggle to explain why. The child can freely act out their concerns through creativity and #play in a safe, confidential environment.
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1 week ago
France's parliament has adopted a smacking ban. According to France's Childhood Foundation, 85 percent of #French #parents admit to #smacking their #children.
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