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About Us

We’re committed to preventing conflict in relationships whatever form that takes. It could be a parent experiencing aggressive behaviour from a child, a partner experiencing controlling and abusive behaviour, or a couple having arguments and fights. Whatever your age, background or sexual orientation we can help you resolve the problems in your relationships.

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Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Code Of Ethics

Our Vision:

Lives free from domestic abuse.

Our Mission:

Address the behaviour of people who use abuse in any relationship and educate and support them to achieve a life free of abuse through positive change.

  • We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.
  • We are committed to working in a respectful way with our clients, partners and one another.
  • We strive to develop new and innovative solutions to end domestic violence and abuse.
  • We are reflective of the diversity across our community.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe that our Ethics are the cornerstone of our organisation and are reflected in our everyday behaviour and actions.

  • Respect for the communities we work with and serve
  • Integrity in our actions
  • Responsibility for our decisions and their consequences

Actions we take to implement our code:

  • Treating every individual with dignity and respect
  • Acting responsibly toward the communities in which we work and for the benefit of the communities that we serve
  • Being considerate of our environment
  • Honesty and integrity in our actions
  • Being fair and transparent in our dealings