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White Ribbon Accreditation

The Change Project are proud to announce that we have become White Ribbon Accredited.

The White Ribbon mission to engage men and boys (he/him) to end violence against women/girls (she/her) sits exactly in line with The Change Project’s mission and vision. We strive, alongside White Ribbon, to change long-established attitudes, behaviours and systems around masculinity that perpetuate gender inequality and men’s violence against women.

We aim to be preventative, by ending abuse before it starts. We work to make sure all men (him/he) realise that they can take responsibility for thinking about their own actions, promote equality and respect, and are prepared to call out harassing, sexist and violent behaviour when they see it in others.

As a White Ribbon Accredited charity, The Change Project will deliver a comprehensive multi-year plan, that will help us eliminate attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence against women and girls. We work with men and boys to change long established, and harmful attitudes, systems and behaviours around masculinity that perpetuates inequality and violence.

Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK said, “White Ribbon Accredited Organisations can make a real difference towards ending violence against women by promoting a culture of respect and equality among their staff and wider communities. By raising awareness among employees, people can learn how to become allies and call out violent and abusive behaviour when they see it. We are delighted to welcome The Change Project as one of our White Ribbon Accredited Organisations and are looking forward to working with them towards ending violence against women once and for all”.

We encourage individuals to become White Ribbon Ambassador’s or Champions to support the commitment in ending violence against women and girls (she/her). We encourage individuals to make the White Ribbon Promise as a personal commitment to never use, excuse or remain silent about men’s violence against women. Although men (he/him) are specifically encouraged to make the Promise, anyone over the age of 14 can make it. The White Ribbon Promise is a commitment to live your life aware of what constitutes as violence and to take reasonable steps to prevent it.

To become a White Ribbon Ambassador or Champion please use the following link;

Ambassadors and Champions — White Ribbon UK

White Ribbon Accredited