Training Programmes

We offer a range of training programmes to suit organisations, multi-agency groups and the public. We can deliver our off the shelf training or work with you to fit it your organisational needs.

Advanced Domestic Abuse Awareness Course 2018

Training Dates 2018

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

3 dates available to practitioners throughout Essex

  • Chelmsford (Chelmsford Museum) 26th September
  • Colchester (Greenstead Community Centre) 29th November
  • Basildon (TBA) 4th July

Full Day 09.30 – 16.30
£75.00 (Statutory) £60.00 (Voluntary)
Lunch included

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DAPP – Behaviour Change Programme Training

The Change Project has been delivering perpetrator programmes in venues across the UK since 2009. The Change Project is accredited by Respect, the UK’s accrediting body for perpetrator programmes, and has won awards for innovation. Our training is based on the Duluth model and can be delivered to your teams of facilitators and integrated support over 7 days.

The course provides you with the tools to set up and run a perpetrator programme in your area and if you choose to go for accreditation it will meet the standards. We provide organisations with consultancy and use of our bespoke software programme, Pandora, which is designed to work specifically with the model of work.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Basic Training

Half Day Training (9.30-12.30)

This half day programme is aimed at both large and small groups, and we are happy to work with you to tailor it to your specific training requirements. It is offered at venues in Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire throughout the year. Contact us for dates and locations.

This introductory course covers:

  • What is domestic violence? How does is impact on families?
  • Information on what services are available for those experiencing domestic abuse
  • Why victims do not leave and the barriers they face
  • The importance of multi agency working and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences and Teams (MARACs and MARATs)
  • The duty and limits of information sharing

£50.00 per delegate – The price includes lunch, hand outs, course materials and certificate.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Advanced Training

Full Day Training (9.30-16.30)

This one day programme is aimed at both large and small groups, and we are happy to work with you to tailor it to your specific training requirements. It is offered at venues in Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire throughout the year. Contact us for dates and locations.

This advanced course covers:

  • What domestic abuse is and how the perpetrator behaves in an abusive relationship, the law, the impact on victims
  • Assessing risk and safety planning using SafeLives DASH and Safety Planning tools
  • Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences and Team (MARAT & MARAC) processes and how you refer into them
  • Identifying the abuser and what services are available to support ? who/what?
  • Understanding what the services offer and are available in your local area

The training for individuals is £95.
Alternatively, if your organisation would like us to deliver this training in-house, we offer it for up to 25 delegates at £650 (plus travel and expenses) nationwide. Course hand outs, materials and certificates are included in the price.

Domestic Abuse Perpertrator Awareness Training

The Change Project has been working intensely with perpetrators since 2009. We have developed insight into how perpetrators operate, not only within their intimate partnerships, but also with the professionals that they interact with. This learning has enabled us to develop a half day programme for professionals who come into contact with perpetrators of domestic abuse. It is offered at venues nationwide throughout the year. Contact us for dates and locations.

The course will enable you to:

  • Identify the behaviour of domestic abusers within an intimate relationship
  • Understand the behaviours perpetrators will use when working with you
  • Provide strategies to assist with working with perpetrators and encouraging motivation

This half day programme has received fantastic feedback from our delegates, finding it to be both informative and enjoyable, despite the difficult subject nature.
In-house – nationwide, up to 25 delegates – £400 (excluding travel and expenses)
Individuals – £50.00 – The price includes lunch, hand outs, course materials and certificate.

Healthy Relationships Programme

We have teamed up with arts charity Tender Education & Arts to deliver the Tender Healthy Relationships Programme which has been delivered to schools across London and Essex for the past 13 years.

Who is it for?
  • Tender Healthy Relationships is a 10 hour project which works with one class of students in either Year 7,8, 9, 10 or 11.At the end of the project the group will share back to their peers, spreading the messages across the community as a whole.
How does it work?
  • Our team of trained facilitators work with a core group of around 25 to 30 year 7-11 students for the whole 10 hours. We can be flexible about how we deliver these 10 hours; 2 full days, 5, x2 hour sessions etc.Our aim is to help students develop skills for building healthy and respectful relationships. We achieve this through open, creative workshops that explore the healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships, empowering students to consider their attitudes and behaviour in an age appropriate way.
  • As part of the project each participating school will receive an hour long CPD accredited INSET training session for a minimum of 20 staff.This short training session aims to develop understanding of the issues that can arise for young people as they begin to engage in intimate relationships.

Young people are the group most at risk from abusive relationships (British Crime Survey 2010). The session equips school staff with an understanding of these issues, helping them to support their students more effectively. Run in an informal, discussion-based style, participants will cover vital information about risk factors for young people, an exploration of why abuse occurs, and guidance on approaching the issue with young people.


The Aims of the Project

We aim to empower participating young people to:

  • Understand the components and characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • Discuss attitudes towards relationships constructively.
  • Recognise early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.
  • Identify where and how to seek support.
  • Advocate respect and equality in their peer groups and communities.
  • Develop communication skills.


What topics does this project cover?

Each project is responsive and aims to focus on the issues which are of most importance to the young people.

  • Different types of abuse – physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, financial.
  • The scale of the problem – In the UK 1 in 3 women experience abuse in a life time (NICE guidance 2014)
  • The relevance of the issue to the group – Younger women (aged 16 – 24) is the age group most at risk of an unhealthy relationship (Office for National Statistics)
  • Early warning signs of an abusive, controlling partner.
  • Excuses used by perpetrators to control their partners

Challenges of leaving an unhealthy relationship.

Active Listening Training for Schools

We train suitable students to become Active Listeners who can help to assist victims of bullying and victimisation as well as those students with other emotional issues which are affecting their performance at school.

Who is it for?

We train up to 24 selected students aged 11-18 years who learn to become a listening point for other students who may find it easier to talk to a trained peer than with a member of staff.

How does it work?

We deliver six group sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours, or an equivalent period of time depending on the school calendar. Sessions involve discussion, role play, hand outs and time for questions and evaluation.

The training covers:
  • Active Listening techniques
  • Basic empathy
  • Reflective responding
  • Body language
  • Summarising
  • Using Questions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Confidentiality
  • Safeguarding children and young people

Students who successfully become Active Listeners gain a certificate and a badge of office on the completion of training.

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