Meet The Team

Our Domestic Violence Prevention teams are located across the UK and work to the standards laid down by Respect, the accrediting body in the UK for domestic violence perpetrator programmes.

Our Healthy Relationship teams bring a range of different specialist qualifications depending on the service they deliver. Our counsellors and sex therapists adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions, and to the standards laid down by the College of Relationship and Sexual Therapists and the Association of Family Therapists.

Cathy Grafton


Tania Woodgate

Domestic Abuse Services Manager

Lora Draper

The Drive Project

Gina Smith


James Fylan

IT Manager

Dawn Jenkins

Counselling Services Manager

Marilyn Vaux

Finance Manager

Clare Whalley


Our Board of Trustees

Paul Taylor - Chair

Sarah Steel

Sheila Papworth

David Van Sertima

Ian Parkins - Treasurer

Sarah Orrell

Jo O'Boyle

Jane Frame

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